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Welcome to All American Gymnastics!!  We are proud to offer recreational gymnastics classes to children 18 months and up. Our classes are designed to teach children the fundamental skills of gymnastics in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. Our experienced coaches are dedicated to helping children build strength, flexibility, and coordination, while fostering a love of Gymnastics.  Come join us today and see what makes All American Gymnastics the premier destination for children's gymnastic in the area.

There is an annual registration fee of $50 for the first child, and $5 for each additional child.

There is a maximum of $60 per family for this fee.

For siblings, there is a 10% discount for tuition.


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At All American Gymnastics, we believe that every child has the potential to be a great gymnast. We offer recreational gymnastics classes for children 18 months and up, where children can learn the basics of balance, coordination, and body control while having fun and making friends. Our dedicated coaches proved a safe and positive environment where every child can thrive and develop their skills at their own pace.

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Class Description
Little Dippers
18m - 3 yrs
30 min
This is our parent/ toddler class. This is a parent-participation class and introduces taking turns, class order and sequence. Gymnastics skills and awareness are developed through the use of obstacle courses and other equipment.
Little Stars
3-4 yrs
45 min
In this class, we focus on physical challenges through an obstacle course including basic gymnastics, basic movements, balancing and loco-motor skills.
Shooting Stars
4-5 yrs
60 min
This class is designed to prepare children for a smooth transition from our preschool program to our recreational program, which begins at age six. Children will be introduced to more complex gymnastics skills.
Gymnastics Level 1
60 min
Children learn beginner skills and drills on beam, floor, vault, bars and tramp. Skills learned on the Tumble-Trak provide an exciting workout.
Gymnastics Level 2
90 min
This class emphasizes proper technique and skills needed to master intermediate gymnastics. Children continue to learn more advanced skills. Teachers introduce new challenges and sequencing of skills. *Requires skills test*
Gymnastics Level 3
90 min
Continues to introduce gymnasts to more advanced skills. Execution of these skills while maintaining good body position is the primary focus. *Requires skills test*

Welcome to All American Gymnastics, where we offer the tumbling classes for ages 6+. Our expert coaches help students learn new skills and techniques at their own pace in a supportive and safe environment. Our beginner to advanced classes provide a fun and challenging workout for all. To ensure our students' safety, a skills test is required to enroll in intermediate or advance classes. Join us today and become part of our dynamic community where everyone can enhance their tumbling abilities.

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Our recreational cheer classes focus on learning the basics of All Star Cheer in a fun, non-competitive environment. Recreational cheer typically runs in sessions during the school year. Your child will learn the basics; jumps, motions, stunts, etc.

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Our very popular ninja program is for all ages and skill levels. Ninja classes are about improving strength, agility and endurance through obstacle manipulation.

Knee High Ninja (Ages 4-6) This class is for children under the age of 7. As with most classes offered for this age group, the kids do it without their parents, gaining self-confidence in their own independence. During the class, the kids will begin to understand structure, routine and following directions while also having fun. They improve their strength, agility and body awareness through the ninja curriculum and always come off of the floor with a smile on their face. 

Ninja (Ages 7+) While this class is also a beginning level ninja class, it tends to include more advanced skills than the Knee High Ninjas class and move at a faster pace. They have just as much fun as the younger class, but some are a bit more serious about the ninja training. 

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