We are so very excited to have kids back in the gym! 

Be assured that All American has put policies in place to protect both the athletes and staff, and to meet the State's requirements. 

*Capacity will be limited, there will only be a small number of kids in the gym at any one time. In this phase, only athletes will be permitted. The lobby and parent viewing area will remain closed. The only exception is that children ages 5 and under, who are attending a class, may have one adult present during class. AT THIS TIME, WE CANNOT ACCOMDATE MORE THAN ONE PARENT OR SIBLINGS NOT ATTENDING A CLASS. Parent will be required to wear a mask at all times and maintain physical distance from other parents.

*Athletes coming to class will need to line up on chalk lines, at least 6 feet apart. Class start times are staggered so there should never be very many lined up at once. They are required to wear a mask when entering and exiting the building. They will not be required to wear them in class. Athletes should not arrive more than 5-10 minutes prior to their class start time. Once we have received their screening form, they will sanitize their hands and the coach will lead them to their spots.  

*A parent will need to accompany their athlete for their first class back to complete a health screening form before their child enters the lobby. After that, you may send them in with a completed form. Please wait for them to enter the building before you leave, just in case there is a question about anything. 

*Your athlete should bring a ziplock or other bag with their name on it, and a water bottle. They can put their mask in the bag once they are in their proper spot. The drinking fountain is closed, so please make sure they have a water bottle. You may also want to include a personal hand sanitizer in the bag. Cubbies will be closed, so please drop off your athlete in the clothing they will wear for practice. 

*We have a liberal makeup policy so please keep your child home if they are not feeling well or exhibiting any signs of any type of illness. We will be happy to schedule makeup classes once they are well again. 

*Our staff will be required to wear masks at all times while in the gym. They are also required to complete a health screening as part of their clock in process. They are required to stay home if they are not feeling well. 

*The foam pit will be closed for the immediate future. Mats will be wiped down between athletes and the gym is on a strict cleaning and sanitation schedule.